Gusto BAKERY Okeanskiy Prospect, 12

A Coffee Shop in the City Center with Author's Desserts, Pastry, Bread and All Day Breakfast
Egg Dishes
Sweet Dishes
Starters and Salads
Toast and Croissants
Main Dishes
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Gusto BAKERY Okeansky
Okeansky Prospect, 12
8AM - 9PM

Gusto BAKERY Cooperative
Fontannaya Street, 2а
(Cooperative, 2nd floor)
10AM - 12AM

Gusto BAKERY Kalina Mall
Kalinina Street, 8
(Kalina Mall, 3rd floor)
10AM - 10PM

Gusto BAKERY More
Nekrasovskaya Street, 49а
(More Mall, 2nd floor​)
10AM - 9PM

Gusto BAKERY RemiCity
100-letiye Vladivostoka Prospect, 68
(RemiCity, 1st floor)​
10AM - 9PM
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Individual Entrepreneur Nikolaev Ivan Olegovich

Business address:
Russia, 690109, Vladivostok
Neybuta Street, 30, office 206

Actual address:
Russia, 690000, Vladivostok
Svetlanskaya Street, 33/2

Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 253605085073
Primary State Registration Number (OGRN) 318253600104031
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